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Kincurran Bearded Collies Kincurran Bearded Collies

Kincurran Bearded Collies

I will ask that you register your puppy on an open Health Registry called Beacon. NBeardie Brothersot all breeders are in agreement about registering with BEACON, but I feel that the more health data we collect and make available for us, the breeders, the more likely we are to pick up on health/genetic problems. We can then deal with them before they become a widespread problem.

While most breeders in this breed do the health tests on the Dam and Sire, NOT ALL DO. So when you are looking for a puppy be sure to see the actual certificates of Hips and Eye Tests. Many of the Tests can now be found online so you can check for yourself that they have been done on the Dam and Sire. Even with those tests being done we need a way to track the data from each of our litters.

As breeders, we all know that healthy parents who clear all the tests do produce offspring with genetic diseases. We need to track that data. BEACON as the only Open Registry for Beardies makes that data available to everyone to use in future breeding, so we are not doubling up on these problems. It is my hope that more and more breeders will participate in the Open Registry, to help maintain and if possible, improve the health of this wonderful breed, through informed breeding practices.

I also have a vested interest in dog training, specifically positive training methods, which Beardies respond to so well. I will require you to attend an obedience class. Of course I will be happy to help you find an appropriate trainer.

Picking your Breeder and Breed are huge and difficult tasks - do your research and ask lots of questions. Then go with the breeder you feel comfortable with and whose philosophy most closely resembles your own.

Taking your puppy home should be the beginning of your relationship with your breeder, not the end.

Sharon Dunsmore

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