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Kincurran Bearded Collies Kincurran Bearded Collies

Kincurran Bearded Collies

Bearded Collie Shae-LynnThey love human company, and need to be a large part of the family. They need a job or if left to their own devices may find their own work which may not always be on your agenda. Generally they like children and love to play, but one should remember that they are herding dogs that will chase and nip when excited, so supervision is a must .Barking is an important part of this breed's working style with stock, and they can be very talkative. Beardies usually live peacefully with other breeds and species, if introduced correctly!

They are very trainable and very willing to do for you if you can make it fun for them, They do not respond well to harsh or corrective style training probably because they are very sensitive to your moods and behaviours. Confident and consistent, reward-based training with clear communication will produce a very loyal, fun loving dog.

Most Beardies love Agility, Obedience , Herding but are happy to go with you no matter what you are doing. Their boisterous, optimistic attitude and tendency to be lateral thinkers will go well with owners who have a sense of humour!

This is a fairly healthy breed. There are problems with hip dysplasia and autoimmune disorders, but these are of relatively low incidence compared with a large number of other breeds. The shaggy coat requires about 1 hour a week on an adult and more on the puppy coat.

So a Beardie owner is one who has a sense of humour, is not a perfectionist, nor house proud. You enjoy grooming or are committed to professional grooming and you have the time to spend with them, train them and love them. You will receive back immeasurable rewards and enjoyment.

Beardies are most appealing to those who like an intelligent, responsive and energetic dog.